How does ShamrockCoins work?

Here’s a simple way to explain the wonders of ShamrockCoins.

Everyone is advised to start using ShamrockCoins without getting too deep in understanding the technical details. We leave that to the ShamrockCoins miners.

To start off, head to a Shamrock.Social Gaming site. A miner is a computer within the ShamrockCoins network. This is a registered, participating location where you can sign up. Each miner is a unique station, and users get their ShamrockCoins here at random.

Each miner issues a predetermined number of coins – the ShamrockCoins. The day’s releases will be displayed in that block. ShamrockCoins are evenly distributed among these blocks, situated in every miner.

These ShamrockCoins are released as rewards for users who play social games on the network. Users place offers, and the ShamrockCoins released depends on whether they are multiplied. This activity, called mining, is what creates ShamrockCoins.

Thus, the more games that users play, the greater number of ShamrockCoins they generate, the more they can spend on whatever purchase they please. This process happens with so little transaction fees for the user, making them maximize their ShamrockCoins for actual purchases.


598,068 total blocks which are divided into 24 sections. Blocks are issued until 2,185,000 ShamrockCoins have been released.

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