What is ShamrockCoin?

ShamrockCoin is the best and safest digital currency available today. Dubbed as “internet money,” ShamrockCoin allows users to send and receive payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

With ShamrockCoin, no banks or other central monetary authorities are involved; the users themselves run the system, with an established social peer-to-peer technology to secure transactions.

The entire ShamrockCoin network facilitates the issuance and transaction processing of its ShamrockCoins, making it an ultimate open-source network.

Now everyone can take part in changing the way we spend and collect money.

How do you earn ShamrockCoins? How is Social Gaming involved?

You earn your ShamrockCoins by playing social games. Choose from a variety of fun, entertaining games and start collecting your ShamrockCoins!

We have a centralized currency that is generated on a machine to machine basis. And with a growing number of friendly users, you’ll love playing – and earning – as part of this community!


Getting Started with ShamrockCoin is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1-Locate a Shamrock.social gaming location

2-sign up

3-Start mining

Fast start

Start immediately! Open your ShamrockCoins account in as short as 5 minutes.


Get to know ShamrockCoins users from all over the world! Learn tips, tricks, or simply make friends!


Accumulate savings better with this online currency, helping you manage your savings better.


Get to know the latest updates, advice, tricks and tools for ShamrockCoins!

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